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Lily’s writing has been featured on Teen Vogue, Glamour, Allure, Refinery29, TIME, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Lifehacker, Business Insider, and more.


The following are selected clips.


Politics Writing

Bernie Sanders on His New Book and What Young People Can Do to Change America - Teen Vogue

Abortion Rights Are Under Attack, But Some States Are Fighting Back - Glamour

15 of the Most Outrageous Things Donald Trump Has Said to World Leaders - Teen Vogue

Donald Trump Says He's Handing Over the Family Business to His Sons - Teen Vogue

Clinic Escorts Explain What Pro-Choice Allies Get Wrong - Glamour

5 Hypocritical Aspects of Donald Trump's Transgender Military Personnel Ban Announcement - Teen Vogue

Rape Survivors in Texas May Have to Pay for Their Own Abortions Thanks to This Bill - Allure

Here's What You Need to Know About Fascism - Teen Vogue

The Government's Ethics Director Just Resigned Over Conflicts With Trump - Teen Vogue

Opinion Writing

We Need to Talk About Anti-Semitism at the Charlottesville Protest - Refinery29

Thanks John McCain, But These Women Are the Real Heroes - Refinery29

More Women Legislators Need to Introduce Bills Like the Male "Masturbation Fine" - Glamour

The Dems Want Women to Vote for Their Candidates But Don't Want to Protect Our Rights - Refinery29

Ivanka Trump's New Book Doesn't Address These 5 Issues - Teen Vogue

What Even Woke Men Get Wrong About Silicon Valley's Bro Culture - Refinery29

I Don't Give a Damn If Chelsea Clinton Runs for Office - Refinery29

Why Tomi Lahren Doesn't Need Your Pity - Glamour

Mike Pence Is Telling You What to Do With Your Ovaries, But Don't Expect Dinner First - Glamour

Want To Make A Difference In Politics? Stop Calling Just Your Federal Reps - Refinery29

Wellness Writing

What 4 Suicide Attempt Survivors Thought About "13 Reasons Why" - Teen Vogue

Survivors Explains What Was Wrong With the "13 Reasons Why" Suicide Scene - Teen Vogue

This Woman Died After a Botched Butt Enhancement Surgery From a Fake Doctor - Allure

Trump's Latest Health Department Pick Thinks Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Works - Teen Vogue

Breast Reduction Surgery: What You Need to Know About This Procedure - Allure

6 Eating Disorder Survivors React to Netflix's "To The Bone" Trailer - Teen Vogue

What You Need to Know About Bell's Palsy, Angelina Jolie's Rare Neurologic Condition - Allure

This Woman Got a Butt Plug Stuck Inside Her - Allure

How to Handle People "Celebrating" Memorial Day While You Grieve - Teen Vogue

Celebrity/Entertainment Writing


Tomi Adeyemi Talks YA Fiction Publishing Deal for 'Children of Blood and Bone' - Teen Vogue

Tomi Adeyemi's 'Children of Blood and Bone': Take an Exclusive First Look - Teen Vogue

Exclusive: Check Out the Cover for Bernie Sanders' Book for Teens on How to Fight for Progressive Causes - Teen Vogue



Career Writing


5 Ways Twitter Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals – The Muse


4 Types of People Everyone Needs in Their Network - Motto by TIME


21 Questions You Haven’t Been Asking Your Network (But Really Should) – The Muse, syndicated by Forbes


5 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences – The Muse, syndicated by Mashable


22 Things to Remove From Your Resume Immediately - Skillcrush


How I Got to Inbox Zero Every Single Night This Week – The Muse


How to Tell People You’re a Fan of Their Work (Without Being Creepy) – The Muse, syndicated by TIME and Lifehacker


3 Productivity Lessons I Learned the Hard Way – The Muse, syndicated by Newsweek and Inc.

Tech Writing


Facebook Just Announced a Major Update to How Your Photos Will Be Experienced - Teen Vogue


This New Phone Has TWO Cameras—and Both Are Better Than the iPhone's - Teen Vogue


Secret's Out—One of Your Favorite Social Media Apps Just Released Two New Features - Teen Vogue

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